Welcome Home "Papa"

Our household is built on its members. Three Persian cats rule the roost and a beautiful Champion Weimaraner bitch rounds out our "children". After fostering a few Weimaraner Dogs, we felt the need to fill a void left by a male sibling to our female that moved out to the country. Living in Manhattan poses quite a challenge for some. When our dear friend and breeder Dr. Dana Massey felt our need for another Weim, she had an idea and boy are we happy she did.

Many judges recognized his potential. His structure, balance and movement were impressive, but there was clearly something missing. We brought him home on a trial basis and worked to acclimate him to the city and our home as this could prove challenging for even the most confident of dogs. It was a slow start, but once he realized that only good things happen at his new home, it didn't take long before his tail was in a permanent, upright and locked position, and his personality exploded. He was like a 3 year old puppy!

He smiles regularly, brings shoes to us when he wants to go for a walk, and takes his many toys out one at a time parading around proudly! He points squirrels in City Hall Park, and learned to point pidgeons from his "birdy" sister Lola. Paparazzi has become a loving, confident and happy dog in his new home.

In September, we thought we would see how he would do in a ring again after a his acclimation hiatus. If he didn't have a blast, we would shelf the whole idea. Though Dana and Chris wanted him to be in a happy home above all else, we all recognized the importance for his impressive pedigree to continue. After 2 BOB's and his obvious love for applause, we decided to show him, but made a conscious decision to never leave him with anyone as our first priority is his family life. If he were to show, he will always come back to his home, his sister, his kitties and his toys. We put him on a healthy diet and run regularly, and he is truly maturing into quite a remarkable dog. Happy, confident and in amazing condition, Paparazzi commands attention in the ring and in his city! With limited showing, he moved up to round out 2007 as the number 2 Weimaraner Dog and number 10 Weimaraner in breed points, as well as 15th in overall breed points, winding out the year stronger than ever amid the very competitive East Coast show circuit.

We could not be happier to have him as part of our family, and we love him dearly. He is still a puppy in every aspect and will keep our girl active and young. We personally thank Dr. Dana Massey and Chris Grisell for having the forthought to place him with us, knowing we would go the extra mile to make him the happiest dog possible. We aim to show everyone that an ideal environment brings out the best in an already amazing dog. His breed type, movement and attitude clearly shine, whether in the ring or window shopping in SOHO.

Lynn and Chris Howard~